A Woman and a Pig – a story of ambition – Kanani Briggs

Serve: A Woman and a Pig – a story of ambition – Kanani Briggs

Ambition is a word that conjures up a variety of meanings and images. For many women, it has tended to have negative connotations. We were taught that an ambitious woman often meant being seen as aggressive or too assertive, basically the kind of person that no one would want to be around. You may have bought into this or not. I’m so glad that I never did. For me, ambition is all about knowing what you want, the life you want to create, the change you want to see in the community or world and then making it happen.

I experienced one of the most beautiful examples of ambition on my vision trip to Haiti in 2015. In a small village, I met an entrepreneur who owned a pig. This pig was her means to provide food and shelter for her and her two children. This pig was their prized possession! It meant a sustainable source of income and a change in their lives. But not only was she motivated by what the pig could provide for her and her children today, she also saw it as a way to afford to send her daughter to school. Attending school, in general, is a luxury in her village, but especially for girls. By sending her daughter to school, she saw a way of ensuring that her nation of Haiti would change for the better. Even in a tiny, tarp tent with a dirt floor that served as her home, this amazing woman was looking beyond her needs to those of her community and country. Now that’s ambition.

In my daily life, I love meeting and being around ambitious women. These women are smart, savvy businesswomen who want to create a lifestyle that affords them travel, luxuries, flexibility and financial freedom, but at the heart of it, they want to create positive change in their communities. The desire to create positive change in the world is part of what drives their ambition even more. The ability to see the bigger picture of what they can achieve and accomplish in their communities when their business hits certain milestones can be a very big motivating force. You can multiply the power of that motivation when your desire for positive change is not just a personal mission but becomes part of your business mission. When your clients, your business partners, and your employees also want to create positive change, well that’s when the sky is the limit.

Don’t shy away from your ambition. Embrace it. Be proud of what ambition can do for you. It can fuel you to overcome obstacles and give you the strength to preserver through the many ups and downs, twists and turns of the life roller coaster. Ambition is your friend. Ambitious women will change the world.

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Kanani Briggs
Business & Life Strategist

Kanani Briggs is a business and life strategist with over 15 years experience in sales, marketing, and international business development. She helps women translate their corporate skills into socially conscious lifestyle businesses that provide financial abundance and revolve around their lives, not the other way around.
Website: KananiBriggs.com

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