Four Steps To Become A World Class Leader – Paul Cummings

Team Care: Four Steps To Become A World Class Leader – Paul Cummings

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As a leader, your most valuable resource is the team of individuals you lead every day. To lead effectively, there are four roles you must master:

1. Become Their Teacher.
A leader is responsible for educating his or her employees and providing them with the knowledge to win at the highest level in your business. Whether you realize it or not, your people look to you for advice. Your team also looks to you to learn the individual processes and strategies they need to be successful. How well are you teaching your team today?

2. Coach Your Team.
Once you begin to teach your people, coaching comes into play. Your role as a coach is to observe your team doing exactly what you have taught them to do in real scenarios. Only through observation can you, as a leader and coach, assist your people by making minor adjustments in the strategies they are implementing. A good coach helps take their people from good to great; even the smallest adjustment can help someone achieve a higher level of success.

3. Be Their Mentor.
Once you have earned your people’s trust through teaching and built respect through coaching, you will then elevate yourself to the role of a mentor for your team. As a mentor, you will be asked to provide advice and counsel when your people really need assistance. The role of mentorship is critically important in any company, and it’s an art form you must work on every day. Ask yourself whether your team sees you as a mentor. If not, you might have to spend a little more time teaching and coaching your team first.

4. Be A True Leader.
Once you have learned to teach your people, built their respect as a coach, and served as a mentor and guide, you will have truly earned the title of “Leader.” Make no mistake, leadership is earned. It is not a title that can simply be granted because you are their boss. A leader who has mastered these steps can effectively manage his or her team’s activities and attitudes, and set themselves up for success. Remember, your role is to make a difference to the people you have been entrusted to lead. Your people are your most valuable resource.

Make a difference today.

— Paul

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