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Self Care: Children are Watching by Mo Anderson

When the daughter of a tenant farmer becomes vice chairman of the real estate company that has attracted more agents than any other in the world, the emotions run both deep and wide, and another look at the how this journey began seems in order.

Let there be no doubt, the world looks and feels a lot different at this end of the spectrum than it did from the dirt farm in Oklahoma where I grew up, but as I take stock on a life of untold blessings, dreams-come-true, and a good share of struggles, there’s no question that my childhood was a tremendous gift.

We should all be so fortunate as to have parents who believe in us with all their heart and who assure us that we can become and achieve whatever we dream of, if we are willing to work for it.

I so wish that more children today had the advantage of growing up in a family where faith is at the core and integrity is learned by example. Nothing was taken for granted when I was growing up, and as a result, gratitude and humility became woven into the fabric of how I lived and viewed the world. That’s a marvelous gift to carry through life.

Those of us who grew up on a farm might have gotten the point earlier than most that so much of a life well lived is about planting seeds. The fruits of our labors do not appear immediately, and it might take quite some time before they do, but there is no question that we reap what we sow. There may be points in our lives where the focus is on supporting someone else in their success, being of service or being behind the scenes. The actual task at hand is not nearly as important as a determination to carry it out with a joyful heart and a dedication to excellence.

I remember much of what my Mother and Father said when I was growing up. What had an even greater impact was how they lived and how they acted during both good times and bad.

Let us never lose sight of the fact that the young people in our lives are listening and watching very closely – even if they don’t appear to be. And among both the young and the old, every exchange, every conversation and every action is an opportunity to build trust, to build bridges and to build character.

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Mo Anderson
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Mo Anderson is an international speaker and trainer of trainers. As co-owner, Vice Chairman, and former CEO, she is one of the most significant driving forces behind the success of Keller Williams Realty, which is now one of the largest and most successful real estate companies in North America- making her a true icon in the industry! By using her experiences, achievements, successes, and God-given gifts, Mo is dedicated to serving people both inside and outside of the real estate industry to live their best life!


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