Eliminate Debt – Help Harvey & Irma Survivors By Sam Neylan

Care, Serve & Give: How Eliminating Your Personal Debt Helps Harvey & Irma Survivors By Sam Neylan

Hurricane Harvey hit Texas & Louisiana last week.
And Hurricane Irma is scheduled to hit Florida & surrounding states tomorrow.
And, in the meantime, the Pacific Northwest is basically on fire.
And, I just learned that Mexico had an 8.1 earthquake last night.

I’ve been involved in the ongoing relief efforts of the hurricanes.
I’ve had family evacuated in the west coast fires.
I’ve been helping raise money, mobilizing work crews, broadcasting via FB lives to raise awareness & enroll people in accelerated generosity.

Each night, as I fall into restless sleep, I’ve also been reflecting.
Our nation is in fight or flight, we’re in a massive state of triage.
How do I even think about how people, neighborhoods, cities, states are going to begin to rebuild?
The estimates so far for JUST Houston alone are $135 BILLION in damages.
And, less than 20% of Houstonians had flood insurance.
That’s JUST Houston.

So, as I compound it, I keep coming back to the same issue.
Tens of thousands of families on the west coast, the mid west, the east coast, and now Mexico, will return to total ruin. And, the only way to really rebuild it is money.
While volunteerism is also critical, the reality is that everything needed to equip volunteers also requires money.
Someone’s money.
And a lot of it.
And, the government doesn’t have it.

I’ll make this short & sweet, as words are few for me in the midst of this avalanche of natural disasters & financial deficit.
And, I say all of this with no judgment, only compassion.

The most recent stats issued by Ramsey Solutions state that 90% of Americans, if faced with an emergency of $1,000 more (car repair, medical issue, etc), could not cover it from their own savings account.
I’m letting that sink in.
Now add devastating natural disasters.
Q-How can we possibly be as generous as we want to be in the times when people need it most when we might not be able to even provide for ourselves?

A-It’s a long term solution. The answer going forward it that each person must take charge of their own personal finances. It really is a profound way to help others in need. Create a budget (be truthful). Cut unnecessary expenses (be hard core). Start saving (it’s easier than you think). Aggressively eliminate personal debt if you have any (& statistics tell me you do).
Build up a 3-6month emergency fund (and if there ever was an example as to why, it’s today).

Natural disasters (especially the ones that rob people of their everything), always shine a big huge flood light on how critical generosity is… and how generosity mostly flows from those with abundance… and those with abundance are usually the ones who have taken charge of their personal finances & tell their money what to do, instead of the other way around.

Please, if you desire to be generous at any point in your life, please please please, if you haven’t already, find the courage to face your personal finances.
While it’s Harvey & Irma today, there will always be another emergency looming & the need for the generosity of others will call. Please don’t wait. The best way you can ‘give generously’ is to strategically manage your personal finances every single day…

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Sam Neylan
Financial Speaker & Teacher, CEO of the Neylan Group International

Neylan means ‘with valor’ and valor means ‘great courage or determination in the face of danger, especially in battle’.
And, let’s be honest, Real Estate is often comprised of many battles.
With Sam having grown up in the Real Estate industry, through her experience, skill, and international travel, the success of Neylan Group International is rooted in protecting our clients by equipping them with reliable data by which to make informed & strategic decisions for their investments, their families, and their futures. Neylan Group International is relentless in delivering our client’s best interests.

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