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5 creative and easy ways to use Facebook groups to engage clients

Facebook can be a powerful tool for supporting your efforts to maintain a connection with your clients. Let’s talk about Facebook groups. There are some simple and creative ways to use Facebook groups for just this purpose.  It’s a way for you to remain “top of mind” and provide value without feeling intrusive or “salesy”. Private Facebook groups allow you to decide who’s in and who’s out. You can create a group of clients (either potential, client, past or all 3).  Here are 5 ways to use private Facebook groups:


Facebook Live videos. You can pop into this group from time to time – daily, weekly or monthly depending on you, your business and your business goals.  You can pop in to share information such as what’s new in your business or something that you think your clients would love more information on. It’s a great way to be “seen” by your clients and it doesn’t have to take a long time or require a professional videographer to do. You can easily do this from your phone or on your laptop.  People like to see the “real” you, not a professionally staged you. This helps people relate and connect with you on a deeper level.

Monthly or Quarterly Q&A Sessions.  You can offer these sessions in your group and use technology like Zoom or Facebook Live video.  You can post a topic along with the schedule of when your clients should tune-in.  You can keep them up to date with the latest trends, information that may be relevant to them, and take their questions.

Client Spotlight. Provide added value and exposure for your clients by offering to feature them in a “client spotlight”.  You can use Facebook video and interview them, allow them to make a video that you can feature, or you can write a post highlighting them with a link to their website or offers.

Polls for new products or services.  You can use this forum as a way to introduce new ideas or products.  Take a poll on a new idea that you are considering and get their feedback. This is YOUR market and YOUR clients.  This is the perfect testing ground for anything new and clients LOVE being able to provide their opinion and feedback. As a matter of fact, you’ll likely have a waiting line to purchase any newly launched product or service if your clients feel a part of the development process.

Powerful Connections. You can create powerful connections between your clients.  In a group, your clients can get to know a little about each other and form their own connections and they have you to thank for it!  New clients, partnerships, ideas, and collaborations can all come out of private Facebook groups and create even more loyalty to your brand as their common denominator.

Embrace one or more of the ideas above and let technology work to support you!

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